Aug 042018


This video starts with a super hot cum countdown. Now I only give you a few minutes to cum. . . . .haha that shouldn’t be a problem with you huh? Anyways, I have so many cum eating instruction videos that I wanted to switch it up a bit. We are going to have some fun with your cum before you swallow it. I want you to play with it first. Basically I want to humiliate you and fucking laugh at what a sick, cum addicted, freak you are. You will end up swallowing it all in the end, but before that I have some very fun and twisted ideas of what to do with it. Want a hint of what I make you do it? Let just say you might use your nose and your fingers and your ass Category: CEI, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, CUM COUNTDOWN, MASTURBATION HUMILIATION, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION