Jun 282016


A cuckold video where you’re responding to a previous conversation we had about my biggest fear… your mood should be happy and excited, even though you are aware this breaks my heart, you are confident that it’s exactly what we both need and deserve. You’ve given it a lot of thought and have decided you want to help me. You’ve heard that the best way to get over a fear is to face it… so the past couple months you’ve been telling me you were going out with your girlfriends, but actually you were going out, finding men, and fucking them. Usually on the bed…..on my side of the bed cuz you don’t want your side of the bed to smell like all these random guys…so anyway, you’ve been cheating on me a lot, but that’s not the point… stop and laugh at me…tell me it’s ok it’s for a good reason and tell me to stop crying, it’s annoying, and I keep interrupting you, that’s rude as shit, so shut the fuck up and let you explain how cheating on me with all those guys is part of a huge favor you’re doing just for me!
You were searching for the perfect guy, YOUR perfect guy…your every single dream…. and you found him! Well you found a few of them and you’re inviting them over to fuck you right in front of me!! Yes, you know this is all exactly what I feared most, but by pushing this on me against my will, you think maybe it’ll help me get over it… you’re actually not sure if it’ll do that, but it’s certainly worth a shot. So anyway they’re all coming over tomorrow, and you’re going to take turns fucking them all right in front of me. you tell me not to worry, you know that I don’t want this to happen and you’re aware I would try to fight back – that’s another reason why you’re happy you are inviting multiple guys over, 1 or 2 of ’em can hold me down and make me watch…or they can beat the hell outta me and you can fuck them all at once!