Aug 072018


This is a custom clip request, no name is used. Home alone, no plans for the weekend? Of course not. Well I have something to keep you busy, let’s play an edging game. I’m going to let you jerk to my perfection but you have to do something for me before I let you touch your cock. I’ll let you stroke for a few minutes after every task you complete, but if you pass you don’t get to touch! Now since it’s the weekend why not do a little dr1nking? Take a shot and you get to stroke for a few minutes, but that’s just for round one. Each session getting harder, making you take breaks to complete more tasks and to let the Ach.0hol take effect. As you get weaker you’ll have to open your wallet to keep stroking. Make it to the end of the clip and you can enjoy your orgasm, if you can still keep it up!
Category: Edging Games, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Financial Domination, Coerced Intoxication, Edging