Jun 272016


Your devotion and servitude to Me does not stop simply because you are sleeping. In fact sleep is the perfect trance state in which to deepen this inescapable addiction. Tonight, slave you are going to DREAM of Me. A filthy, dirty insanely arousing dream of Me.I want you to watch this in bed, with headphones. I will seduce you into a light trance, then use progressive relation techniques to get you oh so nice and sleepy. When you are in that drowsy, complete-body-mind- relaxation state I will begin to work My magic on you, implanting the triggers and suggestions which will ensure that your mind cannot escape Me even in slumber. Using subliminal layers, subtle repletion and echo and hipn0tic, DEEPLY erotic images I will fertilise your mind so it is RIPE for Me, My STUNNING face, My INTOXICATING body becoming imprinted on the fabric of your subconscious mind. Listen and WATCH with hard cock and submissive mind as I tell you and SHOW you how INTENSELY AROUSING your dreams will be, FULL BODY worship. In your dreams you can lick Me, suck Me, TONGUE FUCK Me, serve Me in a way you will NEVER be able to in the waking worldYou can be very sure that you will be falling asleep tonight with a huge HARDONI mean, Im writhing around on My bed in the TINIEST of THONGS, like the fucking Goddess I am. Whilst simultaneously programming your mind and your body to wake you, continually, throughout the night with another HUGE erection, another, and another, throbbing, pulsing, drippingrubbing against the sheets, you taste Me, smell Me, feel Me, you literally cannot get Me out of your head, so listen, watch and slide, into trance and then seamlessly into the most deeply AROUSING dream filled sleep tossing and turning all night as I force you to worship My tits, My pussy, My assContains: full induction/deepener layered voice tracks, subliminal track, some echo, breast worship, lingerie, naked breasts, ass worship, teeny tiny thong, long nails, brainwashing, mindfucking, LOTS of TEASE and denial.