Aug 092018


The smell of p0p.pers makes you so hard, and why? Because I’ve slowly conditioned you to relate the smell of , the intoxicating inhalation of that sweet d.r.u.g, to my body, and the words I speak as I encourage you to jerk. So grab what you can, you’re going to get so fucked up for me as I edge you again and again. Inhale, exhale, jerk, worship and submit. You’re mine now pet.
Category: Female Domination, Masturbation Instruction, JOI, Goddess Worship, Brat Girls, Sub Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Femdom POV, Humiliation, British Goddess, Blonde Goddess, Orgasm Control, Jerk Off Instructions, Slave Training, P0.pp.ers, Forced Intox, Coerced Intoxication, Mind Fuck