Aug 112018


If you want to cum so badly you won’t mind Princess having a bit of fun at your expense. Besides, your dick is only getting more excited about it being able to entertain me in some way. Be ready to take that excitement to another level as I seduce you into edging over and over for me. There are several countdowns and you’re not allowed to cum until I get to zero… so pay close attention. Of course your balls ache after being burned and denied over and over again, but seeing my beauty and hearing my voice tell you to stroke is enough to have you back in a hand humping frenzy. Get ready to challenge yourself and test your obedience. The suffering will remind you of your place and must be endured to earn your orgasm.
Category: Cock Tease edging, joi, masturbation games, sensual domination, goddess worship, pantyhose/stockings, high heels, legs, ass worship