Aug 052018


Thanks for coming over after school to help me with my grades, here’s a dr1nk I made for you… Being in your class is so fun, I get sooo much attention for all the boys and teachers. Everyone loves me! don’t I look so pretty? It’s been so warm lately so I haven’t been wearing much clothes. Little skimpy short dresses and skirts lol but that makes all the boys go crazy. You look like you’re getting a little drowsy. You look weak.
hey, did you know that I slipped something in your dr1nk? ahahahahahahaha but you were too dumb to even think about that. Now you are completely mine. Nobody is here but you and I. You are about to enter into a deep state of submission. You will become a slave to every word that comes out of my precious mouth, entranced by every move of my small tight young body… in love…infatuated…obsessed.
Category: MIND FUCK