Jun 302016


I thought i could smell something disgusting, and i was right theres a dirty little sniffing around my clips. back for some more humilation are you? what to do with you this time…ive got just the task for you, my little ashtray.
i want you to sit on the floor little and wait patiently for your meal, you are going to be feasting on my cigeretter ash and but, you cnt wait can you begging for it. come sit between my legs i want you to clean my pussy whilst i smoke. open your mouth wide and get that tongue out i want you to clean my ass hole with it. dont you dare get turnt on by it you vile slave this a chore not pleasure for you.
once you have finished cleaning my ass and oussy i suspect you are going to be very thirsty, would you like a drink? well sorry but i am not wasting my tap water on you , you can drink my piss! im going to fill up the bowl with my piss and once i leave you can delve into you fag ash dinner and piss water… dont i treat my little slave so well!