Jun 262016


We have been married for about a year now, but you are well aware you will never have the pleasure of having sex with me, or even seeing me naked. In fact, I barely let you see my tits in a bra. You are allowed one 60 second session per month to release your little clitty from it’s chastity cage and relieve your aching balls. Although, cum to think of it, I don’t really let you do that very often, either. I am feeling generous today, so maybe I’ll give you 30 seconds, that should be enough, right sissy? Of course it is, you have known from day one that you are not allowed to argue with me or disobey me in any way. So, maybe I’ll give you just 10 seconds. That would be just about right. Ok, you can peek up my skirt at my pantyhose covered panties for a countdown of 10 seconds. Now stare at the floor while I show off my pantyhose covered panties front and back, not letting you ever actually look. Well, that’s all for this month, sissy. I guess maybe I’ll see you next month. Now go back to washing my panties while I go on my date with a real man. Aren’t you glad you married me?