Dec 282018


You can fuck like a bunny. Shame it’s only your hand. Say hello to frustration while you worship Me, the embodiment of everything you want and everything you can’t have in a woman. You can’t have it because you’re too addicted to jerking off. You’re too busy being a pathetic wanker to deserve anything more. And since you love wanking so much, loser, I’ve decided that you’re gonna be doing it forever. I’m here, as the ultimate symbol of sex and male desire, to tell you that you’re gonna edge forever. No sex and no more orgasms for you. Just endless frustration for the bad bunny.
Category: Corset, Corset Fetish, Cum Control, Cum Denial, Edging, Edging Fetish, Femdom, Frustration, Orgasm Denial, Playboy Bunny