Jul 012015

I know you just LOVE it when I tease you with My zippers. In this clip I make you stroke to the rhythm as I zip up and down, up and down. Theres literally nothing underneath this skin tight shiny dress and I know that just makes you even weaker! But, as per usual, there are basic ground rules here when Im not zipping, youre not stroking. I get dangerously close to revealing WAY too much to you but dont worry, you will NEVER get to see My body fully naked. Haha Im SUCH a fucking tease and you love it! Now why dont you tell Me HOW badly you want it? Go ahead tell Me. Okay, okay, you want it sooo badly. But will you get it? OR will I just deny you like every other time, leaving you with the most painful case of blue balls to date?! Just when you think Ive done enough, I remove My shiny blue outfit and VOILA! Can you guess what happens next? BLUE BALLS!
Topics include: tease & denial, zipper fetish, ass worship, big tits, JOI, masturbation instruction, orgasm control, orgasm denial, masturbation games, and more