Sep 172018


How much of your life have you devoted to my servitude? Do you even know? Your first act of submission happens in just a blink. You watch a video, jerking like an animal, and you feel it happen as quickly and quietly as falling out cold. You become one of my slaves. Your mind turns to me at every moment. Suddenly your life feels worth living. You’re not jerking for yourself anymore you’re jerking for me. Once you fall into my grasp there is nothing more of your old life. Your entire being is now about me. I know your most intimate secrets. I know your most perverse desires. That’s why you love me above all others. It’s not enough for me to just know your desires. You have to be willing to admit them. You have to be willing to confess those perversions of your mind if you want to give in to me fully.
I know you want to give in to me fully.
Category: Lingerie, Mind Fuck, Slave Training, Femdom POV