Sep 292018


I knew you’d be here…I could tell by the look in your eye. You’re sick of that little wife of yours, aren’t you? She’s so young and pretty – well, she used to be prettier, didn’t she? – but she’s never been very confident in bed.
Never fucked you like you need to be fucked…But I will. Oh baby, like you’ve never been fucked before. You thought that young wife of yours would be wild in bed, but instead she’s too busy turning down sex, every chance she gets, and for the dumbest reasons. So you’re going to help me destroy her – ruin her self-esteem. Start with insulting her looks in subtle ways. Tell her those jeans look a little tight, or to maybe tone down the slutty makeup…hurt her feelings…make me giggle.
She’d never suck your cock every day…
But I will. I’ll jump on your dick every day, baby…and suck you off like you never thought you could be. Make her cry…insult her cooking, her housekeeping skills…tell her that she spends too much time on the phone with her friends and not enough being a good wife. Show me you’re willing to hurt her.
She’s never let you pound her ass, and she never will…
But I will. I’ll let you fuck my asshole, baby…wrap your hands around my throat…cum inside me over and over again. Beg you for more…tell you how much I love getting fucked by you, baby. Destroy her. Stop asking for sex. Turn her down when she asks…tell her sex doesn’t really do it for you, anymore.
Break her. Make her cheat. Devastate her belief in a happy future.
I’ll show you how a real woman treats a man.