Sep 202018


Daddy, you promised to take me to the party. Are you ready yet? What do you mean I can’t go out like this? But I bought this outfit just for the party! Please? You know you can’t resist me in this outfit, Daddy. Once I start teasing you with my cherry lips and pigtails, I’ve got you wrapped around my finger. I know what the problem is. You’re just jealous you won’t be getting any tonight and I will. I show you what’s under my dress, and it’s all over. You can’t help but jerk off for your hot daughter, huh? You can imagine you’re fucking me while you spill your cum for my tiny sheer thong.
I always get what I want…including a bit of extra pocket money!
Category: Femdom POV, Lingerie, Masturbation Instruction, Orgasm Control, Pigtails, Red Lips