Jan 262018


This was a very fun custom clip from someone with a fun imagination. Our countries are at war with each other. My side is losing as you seem to be able to turn several of our top military and political leaders to your side somehow. I have invented a weapon that will win my side the war by making your side’s war machines no longer work.
I cant trust anyone even from my side so I keep the weapon secret. Your side finds out about somehow and makes it your side’s number #1 priority to make sure that I don’t activate the weapon. I only have to wait 10minutes for the weapon to charge and press the trigger in my hand.You both come into the my office room in very tight button up shirts and miniskirts. I recognise you as the general’s assistants and realise that you are the spies turning our men. You tell me that you know of the weapon and have come here to stop me from activating it. You both try and grab me but I’m protected inside a small force field which you cant get into. The only way out of the force field is if I leave voluntarily and in 10 minutes you both will be surrendering to me.
You both demand that I leave the protection of the force field and face you like a man. You both try to dominate me into leaving the force field. Such is your dominating power that I actually almost leave the force field before I come to my senses. See that your methods aren’t working you change tactics.
becoming more flirty and seductive. You both unbutton your shirts to expose your cleavage. My eyes are immediately drawn to your amazing breasts. As you tease and tempt me you gesture for me to come out of the shield. I cant help but move closer out of the shield. You tell me that you will make me fall in love with you. Somehow I find the will power to resist. You tell me to leave the shield into your welcoming arms with your fingers beckoning me. My resistance is fast fading.
I can no longer resist and I step out of the force field into your open arms. You both give me a big kiss and ask me to deactivate the weapon. Being your complete love slave I submit. You laugh knowing that you have made me your slave and I have lost the war for my country because I couldn’t resist you.