Oct 282018


My loyal familiars have brought me a new tasty snack today. They’ve bound and gagged you like a trussed up pig waiting for the feast. I’ve been very hungry as of late. My time up here in your world has been a smorgasbord of tasty human treats and I’ve wasted no time devouring as many as I can. Tonight you will be my meal. But before I ever consume your flesh, I’m going to rip that fragile thing you call a soul away from you and that will be my appetizer. My body will put you in such a state of immense arousal that I’ll even use you for pleasure as I consume you. I can see you’re hard already. Lust makes you that much sweeter. Don’t be afraid mortal.
Fear spoils the meat.
Category: Demoness Fantasy, Halloween 2017, Latex, Mesmerize, Aliens & Monsters