Nov 062018


A perfectly sensual and seductive jeans fetish ass worship jerk off encouragement. Your weakness is denim and it’s so easy to enslave you with it. My soft voice, my gentle words, my seductive movements all help you fall deep into lust with me. Your addiction to my big round booty will be your undoing, and I’ll giggle watching you grow weaker and weaker for me. That’s it, stroke for my jeans, stroke for my ass, don’t worry about what it’s doing to you, because you know you love it, and you can never get enough…
Category: Ass Fetish, Ass Shaking, Big Butts, Blue Jeans, Denim Fetish, Jeans Face Sitting, Love Addiction, Mental Domination, Mesmerize, Sensual Domination, Ass Worship, Jeans Fetish