Sep 232018


I know you’ve always wanted to try it, and this is the perfect moment. While I have you in such a trance at my beauty. I can make you do whatever I want. There’s no saying no to me. You’ll submit to you and do exactly as I say, word for word. My face alone could make you do it and even closing your eyes hearing my sensual voice instruct you could send you over the edge. Your mouth is watering and you can’t wait to taste your own sweet cum for me. We’ll make it simple this first time, straight from the palm at the end of my countdown, but soon you’ll be a pro! Get ready to make me proud, we’ll be doing this a lot.
Category: Addiction, CEI, Ebony Female Domination, Ebony Goddess, Femdom, Femdom POV, Humiliation, Instructional, Masturbation Instruction, Sensual Domination, Cum Countdown, Cum Eating Instructions