Jan 172018


****Be sure to have A Full Dozen of Donuts Ready Fat Ass. Chocolate with Cream inside are best so you can be an Extra Messy Filthy Pig.****Hubby, you’ve really been gaining so much weight lately. It seems like all you want to do is watch TV and stuff your face like a fat pig and gain even more weight. Well, if this is the life you want then I’m going to have some fun with it. I’m going to walk your through eating an entire dozen of messy donuts while I humiliate you and make you oink as you shove them in your face. I’m going to make sure you turn into a real fat fuck pretty quickly. You can stay home every weekend and I will bring you a dozen donuts and order an extra large pizza for you while I go out and spend your money with my sexy girlfriends and flirt with hot guys who are in shape. Sounds like fun to me. You stay home and get fat while your pretty wife has fun out with her friends spending your paycheck. But, I know you’re be just as happy as me because you will have a ton of food while you sit on your fat ass and stuff your face while watching TV. Are you ready to start on that first donut fat hubby? You have 12 to stuff your face with! I’m ready to turn you into a big fat OINKER! You’re going to have a few extra fat rolls when I’m done with you. You’ll get so fat I’ll never want to fuck you HA HA HA********