Sep 222018


It’s time to fuck your girlfriend. You know… the pink plastic one that you love shoving your hard throbbing cock into. So go get her out. You’ll fuck her just the way I tell you to. I’ll make you get her nice and wet as you spread that lube gently over her lips. You will slowly insert your fingers pushing deep inside her preparing for insertion. You’ll be required to watch me and and obey as I make you tease her prior to allowing you to penetrate. You will ache. You will want her so bad! I’ll have you ready. Ready to give her all you’ve got. Work her hard! Fast! More and more! To the point of explosion! That’s what you really want isn’t it!? To cum for your Goddess while fucking your girlfriend. She’s as good as it gets for you. Plastic and rubber fun. Yet she feels so good. You’ll thank me for allowing you so much pleasure. And you’ll thank her by cleaning her well.
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