Sep 302018


It’s time to fuck your girlfriend again. You know… the pink plastic one that you love shoving your hard throbbing cock into. So get her out. Warm her up and fuck her like I tell you to. She’s your dirty little slut tonight. You’re going pound her good. Get every single penny you spent out of her. I’m going to make this experience so much hotter for you. I’ll let you look at my hot ass and tits while you fuck her. Isn’t that so kind of me?! She doesn’t have those now does she? No perky cheeks. No big hot tits. No long tan legs. Pretty face. Long hair. Nope. Completely non-existent. She’s just a hole. A rubber hole for your cock. Your orgasm is just a temporary fix. You still need me. You’ll always need me. You better fuck her harder to make up for it. You’re going to be cumming inside her!
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