Jan 012019


Why celebrate Jesus this Christmas when you could be celebrating me? I’m better. I’m hotter. I mean, just look at this ass. This Christmas is all about me…not some “lord” and “savior”. I am your meaning. I am your reason. And I’m the only one to be celebrated this season. Jesus doesn’t have a body like this. Jesus doesn’t get you hard or make your dick twitch. So why have you been celebrating him for so long? He’s just another man, and I am a Goddess. A beautiful, seductive Goddess. I have a mantra I want you to repeat. I’m reprogramming you to follow your new religion…that of Venus worship. Fuck Jesus. Celebrate Venus. Fuck Jesus. Celebrate Venus. Fuck Jesus. Celebrate Venus. I don’t want you to be able to get it out of your brain. You’re mine now, bitch. Jesus is such a weak man. I’d have him on his knees like the rest of them.
Category: Blasphemy, Christmas, Goddess Worship, Holiday 2018, Humiliation, Mantras, Mesmerize, Red Lips, Tease & Denial, Verbal Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Religious