Sep 272018


You have to admit it. You can’t deny it. You’re gay for BBC. One second you’re staring at me, turned on for my body, and then…then I snap my fingers, and a big, dark dick flashes onto the screen. You forget all about pussy. It’s only cock that you can think of. You go gay for big black cock.
I’m going to overwhelm your black cock craving today. Stroke that dick as I feed your BBC appetite. The more you drool over cock, the more you stroke, the more you need it. A big black cock, hard and perfect, hovering above you. You need me to feed you with black cum, that heavy BBC seed.
Admit it. Admit to me that you’re a homo for black dick.
BBC is bigger and better. Those big black cocks, huge and hard, trigger your faggot side. Your homo thoughts. This chocolate meat turns you into the biggest fag you can be. You need to serve and please BBC. You’re so gay right now, gayer than you’ve ever been before. And I’m not even close to being finished with you…
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