Dec 312018


You just seem to be getting faster and faster, don’t you? You’ve desensitized yourself, jerked off to so many clips, that now you can bust a nut in just a few minutes, perhaps less. There’s certainly no stamina when it comes to your dick, so today I want to do a true premature ejaculation test – just how fast can you blow? No holding back, no trying to edge this one out, just stroke yourself silly until that cum spurts out for me. It shouldn’t be hard as I tower over you in thigh high PVC boots, a fishnet dress and sexy lingerie underneath. Are you going to explode at the sight of my panties? Perhaps my cleavage will push you over the edge? Does your dick dribble within 30 seconds or can you last a whole 3 minutes? Just how pathetic are you?
Category: Boot Fetish, Cock Tease, Cum Control, Femdom POV, Masturbation Encouragement, Masturbation Humiliation, PVC / Vinyl, Quickie, Strip Tease, Jerk Off Instruction, Premature Ejaculation