Sep 272018


You KNOW you are a fag. You are in such denial you’re in this category. coerced Bi, HA! You’re gay. You love tits and ass, yes, but once you get a taste of your GAY side, you won’t be turning back. It’s new, it”s fun, it’s your new life! You’ve always been scared to finally take the step to go further, well don’t worry, Goddess Lanie is here to guide you. Let go of all of the judgement and overthinking, get ready for that cock. Let’s go.
Category: Bi Encouragement, Bi-Sexual, Bisexual Encouragement, Femdom POV, Gay, Gay Encouragement, Gay Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Mind Fuck, Mindwash, Bi Humiliation, Coerced Bi