Oct 152018


I know you thoroughly enjoyed my 1st Jerk As I Do clip so here’s Pt 2. Time to play my little game of control over your cock again! You love stroking that hard horny cock for me the way I tell you to. Watching my pretty little hands work this big dick drives you wild. You imagine my hands wrapped around your cock. Teasing it however I please. Getting you so close to cumming over and over again as I feel it throb. Ohhh the things I can do to you slave! So the rules are the same as before. 1 – You watch me stroke this nice big cock and jerk yours just as I do. No slower and no faster. AND 2 – you don’t cum until I say so. I know you’ve fantasized about me controlling your cock and your orgasms. Now you get to feel me do exactly that. I can take you from a slow tease to a hard hand banging. I’ll control every motion, stroke, and squeeze. Only I know and only I decide! Let’s get started.
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