Oct 212018


This is part of the Trophy Wife series I had filmed a couple years ago. This one was a favorite and I was asked to remake it and I love what I did with it. I’m so much more evil this time around. I only married you for your money and I’m spending your paychecks faster than you can bring them home to me. I already have you working 2 jobs 7 days a week. 12-16 hour days.I call you in to show off my new spoils and you tell me that you can’t afford such luxuries. It’s unacceptable to ask me to bring them back so I have come up with a plan. Its court ordered you have to pay your ex-wife $1,000 a month support so it’s time to deal with that bitch. We are going over to her place to supposedly talk about your D4ughter who has been acting out in school, but that’s not MY plan. I’m going to make My hubby slave r*pe and k*ll his ex-wife right in front of me. That will stop the support and then, her $5,000,000 life insurance will go to their bitch D4ughter and of course, she will have to live with us!! I’m also going to film the whole scene, so I can Blackmail (Fantasy) him FOREVER!! All the sadistic and evil plans I have for making your D4ughter my money sex sl*ve and you are going to agree to all of it. Now fast forward 4 years. What day is it? Yep, your D4ughter’s 18th birthday and I don’t need or have to take care of that little bitch any longer. Actually I don’t need you anymore either. That video? I already sent a copy to the police. ‘knock-knock’ Oh my, I wonder who is that at the door. Now the ending part is added complimentary at the end of the video for those of you that love to follow my humiliation and exposure of my pathetic Blackmail (Fantasy) sl*ve ray. I know you all are jacking off to this. Enjoy my ultimate sexy countdown leading to a harsh tease and denial.
Category: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Financial Domination