May 172014

What a ridiculous waste of space you are– you’re not fit to be a real slave, you’re only fit to be a toilet slave. Your life will be spent beneath this toilet chair, your mouth pried open and waiting, ready to accept whatever waste is poured into it. This will be the start of a new life for you, one in which you will finally serve a worthwhile purpose: being the foul sh*it eating slave you know you are. Watch me slide my panties down and give you a “taste” of what you’ll be doing for the rest of your miserable existence. (The lighting on this video is fantastic, so you really get an up-close view of where you’d be beneath my chair.)
The only way you’re getting to see my ass is when you’re performing your duties as a toilet.
Video includes: female domination, toilet slavery, toilet training, ass fetish, ass worship, humiliation