Oct 012018


Losers PAY. You’re a loser, therefore you get hard just looking at my gifs. You get hard thinking about how much you’ve spent on me, or you have to pay to jerk off or that I’m SUCH a Greedy Goddess. You are such a loser, you can’t jerk off to regular porn. You love to pay Perfect Powerful Females. You’re such a loser, staring at your computer screen, day in and day out. Stroking to my LUXURY. You don’t need these things in life, you just are happy to give to Goddess. Happy to be stroking and paying your little loser life away. I am your luxury and I have the luxury. You only have a purpose when you are paying Goddess.
Category: Brat Girls, Findom, Greed, Greedy Goddess, Loser Abuse, Loser Have To Pay, Loser Symbol, Luxury, Luxury Fetish, Pay Me Losers