Oct 242018


Winning the lottery was the most incredible day of your life! Every time you bought a ticket, a very small part of you imagined what it would be like, how you would spend the money, what car you would buy, etc etc. So when your numbers came up, the excitement was almost too much. You could finally make something of your life. But as you perused super-cars online, you got sidetracked. Your cock craved humiliation and so you thought you would go back to Lady Nina for one last humiliation/intox session. As always, you gave Lady Nina remote access to your PC and sat on your knees whilst she shopped online with your card. But under the influence you made the crucial mistake of giving her your bank details… And almost paralyzed by the amount of alcohol you had consumed, you could not stop Lady Nina entering your online banking and transferring ALL OF YOUR FUNDS into her own account. You woke up hungover and almost as you read through last night’s conversation… She had taken everything and left you only with a post code to meet her at the next day. You drove to the venue in a desperate attempt to reclaim your winnings. You turn up at an industrial venue and as Nina appears, looking incredible in knee high boots, you know that there is nothing you can do. Your winnings are gone forever and as she orders you to lick the grime off her boots, so to is your pride.