May 182018


You’ve come to me for therapy to overcome your biggest challenge in life. You’ve tried doing it on your own, but this weakness has caused you to seek help. I suggest that mesmerizing ther4py is the best course of action, and we go through a quick induction. Once you’re under I reveal that I am part of a network of female ther4pists who use our sessions with men to re-train them. Throughout the ages men have forgotten that women are superior. We women have taken it upon ourselves to reprogram men using their weaknesses against them. I implant suggestions to ensure that you will become weak for me & will return for more training. The first few days you’ll feel as though as weight has been lifted, and that will confirm to your subconscious mind that the ther4py worked. But then your addiction- whatever that addiction is- will grow stronger & stronger over the coming days. You will be convinced that you must return to me to strengthen your resolve. You won’t remember that I am actually the one who caused the addiction to grow stronger. We’ll continue this cycle until your particular weakness has completely taken over your life, and you realize just how lowly you are. You will be a sniveling puddle of man at my feet, and only then will I have fulfilled my duty to woman-kind… until the next man comes along for reprogramming.
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