Jul 102019


You wake up, bound down tightly, looking up at Me. You have no idea where you are do you slave? You can’t move a single muscle can you… you are completely helpless, just as I want you. Now, it’s time for your inspection. I am going to ease that mouth of yours wide open. You watch Me slip into a pair of latex gloves whilst I tease you about the torment I will soon be inflicting on you. Your cock betrays you, twitching at the sight of My skin tight gloves… it seems you are only becoming more and more vulnerable for Me. I command you to open that mouth for Me nice and wide, and I begin to probe with My latex fingers. You can taste My rubber as I stretch your mouth open for Me, you cock twitching even more furiously. You feel My hands clamp hard over your nose and mouth, and I giggle at your desperation. Once I finally allow you to gasp for air, I plunge My rubber hand deep in your mouth again, finger fucking you. Your eager little bitch tongue works hard as I see how many of My fingers I can fit in your mouth, before smothering you with them all over again… You pass out, and awaken to Me cropping that hard cock. I tease you over how much of a glove pervert you are, and how easy it is to vi0l4te you so long as I’m clad in rubber… Your dick grows harder each passing moment I am violating you, and you wonder if your torment will ever end…