May 102018


You are a sad pathetic excuse for a man. We don’t even know how you can call yourself a man. More like a LOSER, who never reached puberty. I mean, that mushroom between your legs haha We have bigger clits than that. Eww gross! Your just a big pathetic b8by and that’s how we are going to treat you today but of course in our bratty bitchy ways. You NEED to wear a Nappy for that b8by dick and here’s a dummy for you to suck on. Teasing you with what we have in store for you makes that little b8by dick get so hard. You are now going to be a b8by for LIFE. Aww how cute would you look in a little frilly outfit with your little bottle of milk but like ALL b8bies you lose the ability to control your bowels. Your toilet functions will be that of a b8by. haha How degrading would that be especially in front of two of the HOTTEST British Bitches around. You are such a freak the more we abuse you the harder you get, now how pathetic and WEIRD is that
Category: Brat Worship, Bratty Goddess, Goddess Worship, Adult Nappy