Sep 212018


I am continuously amazed at the metaphorical balls on some of you men that email me. I say metaphorical, as you obviously don’t have real ones. You pathetic little scrub lords all think you can just demand to see me nude and I’m just all of a sudden going to drop my clothes and turn on a camera for you. Well here are the facts you insignificant little brats. I don’t owe you shit. You don’t deserve to really see any of me, which is why you have to pay for the privilege. You can’t even hear my voice without throwing money my way because you’re not worth it. Yet you sit behind your keyboard with this entitled fucking attitude, thinking I should just bend to your will. You’re nothing. You will always be inferior to me. All men will always be inferior to me. Until you accept this as real and true, you’ll never be satisfied. You’ll always be clawing that the stupid ladder trying to look up the skirts of those women above you. Never happy, never satisfied, never amounting to anything. So own your lack of self-worth and stop thinking that your stupid emails are going to get you anywhere.
Overcompensation is a terrible look on you men.
Category: Femdom POV, Tease & Denial, Female Supremacy