Jan 012019


You premature ejaculators are hilarious. Or concerning. One of the two. You beg for faster and faster challenges, so today I’m not holding back. You told me 3 minutes was too easy. You told me 20 seconds was too easy. For some of you, cumming in 10 seconds is a breeze. Wow. Sit through 5 minutes of verbal humiliation, and after that has primed your dick, let’s see if you’re up to a real quick dick challenge today. I just adore training your dick to be completely useless, and you’re fascinated with the process too. You’re aware you’re completely emasculating yourself, right? Men are known for what? Their willpower, resilience, strength, STAMINA. Your preemie dick is turning you into a pathetic excuse for a male and you know it. So come on minute man; how embarrassing will this be for you today?!
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