Jul 082019


Best enjoyed in a dark surrounding with headphones on , contains binaural beats , and hypn0tic visuals. This is intended for fantasy , but if addiction occurs , you have been warned. Pump , pump , pump for Princess. Feel your mind slowly altercate what truth is , and what you believe reality is. Feel it shift , convert , corrupt your brain and each thought that you create. Pump , pump , pump , feel the bl0od rush to your cock , it throbs , it aches , you can ‘t take your eyes away from the screen. Princess is reprogramming you , tainting your perspective , eliminating anything and everything that doesn ‘t involve Angel… Keep stroking , as long as you ‘re stroking , all is well. As long as you have a grip on that cock , and you keep pump , pump , pumping , you ‘ll find that sweet spot of absolute serenity , total and complete pleasure. Let Goddess guide you , focus on the screen , become my helpless , mind fucked puppet. You don ‘t even realize what I ‘m doing to you at this point , dr1nking away your vitality , your cash , making your balls ache , full of cum , you ‘re ready to blow your load , yet you hold it , just on the cusp of orgasm because you understand that something much better is coming , something far greater , pump , pump , p u m p. You are a slave , chained by the very thing you ‘re addicted to , me , and stroking that cock , pump , pump , pump. I ‘ll drain you , of everything I possibly can , and now that your willpower is non existent , now that I have you exactly where I want you , I ‘m going in for the ****. Forever my stroke drone , forever my ATM , forever mind -fucked. Pump for Princess.
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