Nov 042018


I know the past few months have been very stressful on you. Week after week you’ve sat in my office processing and talking about your feelings and I think I finally have something that’s going to dissolve some of that stress. You see, I watch the way you look at me when you enter my office. Even when I’m talking you through certain things I can see your eyes glaze over and the bump of an erection in your pants. I bet you’ve fantasized about me, haven’t you? I bet you’ve dreamed of getting to jerk off right here in my office to my beautiful ass. Well today is the day you’re going to do it. I think fulfilling one of these fantasies of yours is going to take away a huge chunk of your stress. I think this validation and release are going to be a huge part of your treatment plan. Listen to my soothing voice as I take off my skirt. I can see you’re erect now just thinking about it.
We’re going to jerk the stress all away.
Category: Ass Worship, Masturbation Instruction, Mesmerize, Therapist, Orgasm Control