Sep 292018


I’ve kept you in chastity for a whole week and its just a few minutes before I unlock you. It must have been Torment not to be able to jerk for a whole week. I’m so impressed with how well you’ve held up, I have a treat in store for you. I’m going to make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before. When I unlock you, I’m going to give you an amazing handjob and I demonstrate on my dildo just how I’m going to stroke you. I’m going to take my time and even tease you with my mouth. When it’s time to unlock you, I ask you for the password…. uh oh .. looks like you forgot it! You will stay locked up until you remember. Too bad for you!
Category: Chastity, Cock Tease, Femdom Goddess, Femdom POV, Goddess Worship, Key-Holding, Latina Goddess, Orgasm Denial, Tease & Denial, Tease Goddess, Orgasm Denial, Tease & Denial