Sep 232018


Another one from the vault: Been saving up your cum for Me like a good boy haven’t you? How many loads do you think you have saved up for Me at this point? 10? 20? 30!? Whatever the number I am sure the mere sight and smell of it is enough to make you lightheaded. Am I really going to make you drink down every drop? Yes, indeed I am, because I love seeing how dirty you can get for Me. Don’t worry I’ll start you off slow, having you jerk your cock for Me, stroking it so you think less about the task before you. Follow My instructions as I seduce you into humiliating yourself for My amusement by having a little fun with your man gravy. Gargle, swish, brush, lick it won’t be over quickly. I’ll talk you through slowly working through every drop until you are left with an empty cup, sticky hands, and feeling utterly humiliated for My amusement. Bottoms up! Can you keep up with My demands? It is best if you watch this clip while already having multiple loads of cum saved up for Me…
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