Jul 142019


Do you have any idea why you have been sent to Me today? No? Well… you need to learn some proper behaviour. You need to learn to be more respectful. You need to learn to stop playing that cock of yours like the worthless little wanker you are. You are in dire need of a teacher aren’t you bitch, and luckily for you I make the perfect Headmistress. Firstly, a punishment for your appaling behaviour. You will receive 20 hard strokes, and you will thank Me for each one. You get undressed and present your bottom to Me just as I command, and you already feel thankful that I am showing you the error of your ways. 20 cold strokes rain down on you as I literally beat you into respecting Me. Next, I teach you the lesson of only masturbating with permission. I hold My perfect feet just inches away from your face, commanding you worship whilst you play. Do you see the difference slave? You taste My feet whilst you play with your cock, thankful you have My permission. You are already feeling far more respectful and submissive to Me. Slowly I allow you to work your way up My legs, and you savour every lick I allow you. You watch as I pull My skirt up high, riding above My perfect ass. Prostrated on the floor, with your mouth working hard to worship My ass, I begin c4ning you again as I count you down to a release… 10 final strokes to cement your submission to Me!