Sep 102018


There are deep magics hiding in the great outdoors. There are mysterious happenings in the places that haven’t been touched by man. You happened along one of these places on one of your hiking trips. The locals warned you not to go into the canyon. They spoke of people who disappeared into the canyon to never return. They whispered about people who did return, but were irrevocably changed somehow. You dismissed these silly superstitions and went into the canyon. Upon entering you felt eyes on you. Every step you took deeper into the canyon you could feel soft warm wind on your neck, like the breath of an animal. You started to see things, beautiful things. You saw dancing women in the waves of the rock. Before you knew it there was a voice in your ear, rendering you unable to run.
“You aren’t a very wise explorer, are you?”
Category: Belly Dancing Fetish, Belly Fetish, Magic Control, Masturbation Encouragement, Succubus, Erotic Magic