Oct 202018


Welcome to the mind control chamber, you are tied to a chair, you might not remember how you got here but I promise it was your choice. You have asked to be here in this mind control chamber to be completely reprogrammed. You are very comfortable, you can feel a beam hitting your head now, it is painless and will help in the process of completely reprogramming you into My completely mindless slave. Your attention is going to the giant screen in front of you giving you something to watch while the beam does what it needs to do. So relax and watch and let your reprogramming begin. You NEED this video video includes *long induction with pocket watch and spiral *audio and visual triggers *subliminals *layers of sound including multi voice tracks, ASMR whispers, brainwave entrainment and light music *audio and visual effects *post hypn0tic suggestions *intense brainwashing *NLP *amnesia *closeups of My eyes *PVC outfit *topless nudity of My DDDs This is my most intense brainwashing/reprogramming video to date, A must have for all My current slaves and those who wish to serve
Category: Brainwashing, Eye Fixation, Female Domination, Hyp-Robo Meditation, Meditational Domination, Mental Domination, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Reprogramming, Sub Training, Hyp-Meditation, Mind Fuck