Oct 142018


They always say you shouldn’t go hiking alone. Your thirst for adventure in this beautiful land was insatiable though. There was nothing more you wanted to than to climb the lush green mountains and plunge your hands into the icy waters. So you left. You didn’t expect to find yourself in the presence of a woman with otherworldly beauty. Your mouth ran dry; your cock began to stiffen at the sight of her perfect breasts, her flawless skin, and her overwhelming power. With just a touch you could feel yourself fading. She explains to you she is the queen of this land. The land bows to her will and consumes anyone who does not pay her proper homage. You reach out to touch her and her icy skin burns. You feel the life fleeing your body with each second but it’s pure bliss and you stroke.
She allows you this last pleasure as you will give your life’s energy to her land.
Category: Aliens & Monsters, Magic Control, Mental Domination, Sensual Domination, Erotic Magic