Jun 282015

The inductions on my recordings vary. Some are short and some are long, some are designed to take a person into a deep trance and others a Light trance. This Video will take you to light to medium trance UNLESS you are well practiced or go under easily because this is a rapid induction which means it’s a shorter induction. Humiliation isn’t for everyone but if your up craving a taste of a little small cock humiliation that is confined to the experience at hand and doesn’t seep beyond session this is for YOU! Mistress Candice hits a few nerves and investigates the origins of your Embarrassing tiny tool. Because the Tiny Tool between your legs is usually just origin of the point and laugh. To do this with you live it would cost you $8.99 a min, this video is a steal especially since you get to see it endless as often as you like because it’s yours. Even a Tiny Tool knows what a great thing this video is for his collection!