Jun 042019


I want to prepare you for your new role today… I am going to get your ready for an entire lifetime of being My milking slave. You look a little bit disappointed about that… Are you questioning My judgement slave? You see the thing is, not only does it please Me immensely for you to completely submit to Me, but I also know best how to manipulate your body, giving you both the worst ruinings and most powerful orgasms ever. It is very important that you trust Me and serve Me exactly as I tell you.That is what makes Me happy, and My happiness is what counts here. I know what is best for you slave, and your induction into My milking stable today is going to teach you that. Now, get that cock of yours ready, and begin stroking for Me, slowly… let’s get that energy flowing, get you aroused and your cock hard for Me. You follow along with My instructions, and enjoy every second of My jerk off instructions. This feels better than any time you have played before. I count you down to an edging, and you jerk your cock furiously to comply. Both your frustration and your pleasure peaks for Me as you stop. I remind you again, that I know best how to both make you suffer mercilessly and squirm with pleasure. A second edging quickly follows as I tell you to pump your cock harder and faster. You ride off the back of it immediately… I need you trained to be able to take so much stimulation for Me. Your cock and balls ache to release for Me, and I explain to you that your first release will be a ruining for Me. I describe the abandonment method to you, and how much I am going to enjoy seeing your cock bounce and twitch for attention once you have let go. I count you down, and on zero your sorry ruining dribble out, completely devoid of any pleasure. You have never felt so frustrated or horny in your life before, and as you begin to slowly stroke for Me again, I explain all the advantages of a ruined orgasm. How much it pleases Me, how much it frustrates you, how the absence of pleasure allows you to take even more stimulation right after… the secret to multiple ruined orgasms. Most importantly, it makes your full orgasms feel even better than usual. I being edging you again, and you dutifully follow, desperate to ease the frustration. I command you jerk hard and fast then slow, and your desperation builds with each edging. Finally, I count you down a full orgasm, and you experience the most intense, powerful, pleasurable orgasm of your life. Don’t you see slave? I told you I know best… I know exactly how to bring you immense frustration followed by incredible release. I tell you how many of these wonderful orgasms you will experience under My guidance. The orgasms you give yourself will never compare to the ones you will have as My milking slave. I know best how to manipulate those cock and balls, far better than you ever will. Already you feel your cock throbbing at the thought of more orgasms, and it stands up to attention as you watch Me pull out a magic wand vibrator. I begin using it on you, building your frustration once again. Circling the head of your cock, running up and down the length of your shaft until you edge for Me, then holding it against your balls as you squirm through yet another edging for Me. You feel the vibrations travel through every inch of your cock, and find yourself almost ready to burst. Your frustration and desperation builds with every edging, but you trust Me completely. You know that I will soon have you trembling in a mass of pleasure. Finally I count you down to your second full orgasm, cementing your trust in Me and your desire to join My milking farm. You can’t wait to begin your new role as My milking slave, strapped down tightly in My stable, your balls drained by Me over and over every single day for the rest of your life…