Oct 082018


Femdom isn’t always about punishment and slave tasks. Its also about improving men and correcting misguided male behaviors. In this session, we are going to address the issue of your orgasms. For years, you have been cumming into tissues, socks, and even women when you can get one. It is never okay to subject a woman to your disgusting, selfish orgasm. It is a waste of energy and paper goods to cum into inanimate objects. I have devised a plan to rectify this nasty habit. We both know a stroke slut like you is unable to stop masturbating, so the best we can do is make sure your cum does not become someone else’s problem. Don’t worry piggy, I won’t take your masturbation privileges away. Jerking off to me is one of your few life pleasures. All you need is a giant mug… and perhaps a taste for your own bitter medicine.
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