Oct 312018


I have something new to share with you, slave. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my new boyfriend to you yet, but today you’re going to meet him. He’s strong, masculine, and handsome- basically everything you’re not. There are few men in this world that can attempt to match me in both looks and intelligence, but he comes pretty close. He’s a true alpha. SO I’ve decided that all of my slaves are going to become his slaves. Yes I’ll allow him to do whatever he’d like with you. He’ll fuck your ass if it pleases him. You’ll suck his cock if it pleases him. He and I are one now which means you belong to both of us. He’s such a rarity in that he can also match my level of sadism too. He has a thing for the paddle. He’ll make you sorry if you ever doubt his ownership. Come now.
It’s time to meet your new Master.
Category: Corset, Femdom POV, Paddling, Coerced Bi