May 062018


This was a custom video here is the script I followed….Attire: I would love it if you could wear your policewoman’s hat, your blue shiny bra, and some leather or latex pants. I am your boyfriend. You are a guard at a prison. I have just been convicted of a crime and sentenced to same prison you work at. Since we have been dating, you have tried to turn me bisexual, but I have resisted. Now that I am going to prison, I will have no choice in the matter. I would like you to tell me that she could use your position to make sure that Im protected in prison, but youre not going to do that. Instead, youre going to make sure I am housed in a cell with three strong, muscular, bisexual men. And you have directed them to have their way with me, to pound my ass and make me swallow cum. I would like you to tell me not to resist. Instead, you want me to relax and enjoy it. You want me to embrace your wishes and learn to love cock. Please tell me how much that will turn you on. You hope I learn to love it and become fully bisexual. And when I get out of prison, you cant wait to enjoy your fantasy and have threesomes with myself and other men, watch me get fucked, and have me lick up their cum out of your pussy after they fuck you.