Sep 122018


You know, I have some core issues with the feminization fetish. The misconception is that dressing like a woman is humiliating and thus, exciting for men. But I don’t think that’s really it. See, you’re attracted to overtly dominant women. You’re attracted to the female form in its most perfect version. So why would attempting to mirror that image be humiliating? The truth is that it isn’t. You’re not a man trying to be a woman. The look, the feel, the mentality of a sissy is nowhere near what actual women are like. Even when you’re dressed in your normal male clothes, you can never really embrace being a man. You’re somewhere in between. Being a sissy is its own gender. That real true expression of self, hovering somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum, is what gives you pleasure. You interpret that pleasure as sexual when really it’s self-fulfillment. You don’t have to pretend that this is humiliating. I know it’s what you want most.
So just accept sissy as your real and true gender.
Category: Femdom POV, Feminization, Mind Fuck, Sissy Training