Jul 142019


Are you a loser? Yes, you are. You’re on this website, browsing all the humiliation clips because you know deep down that you are a loser. And it gets you off. It makes you so horny to hear what a loser you are. To hear me speak those words. You know what you are, you’ve known it for a long time, because ever since you were young, that word has been thrown at you. “You’re a loser.” “What a loser.” You heard it so much that it became your obsession, it became your kink to be told over and over again what a pathetic loser you are. The type of loser who always missed out, never getting the girl.You’re a compulsive masturbator who’s addicted to humiliation websites. You stroke that loser dick over and over again, that sexless dick that doesn’t see any action. It’s always in your hand, isn’t it loser? You’re always stroking that loser cock to brats, you’re addicted. You can’t get off to normal porn like the rest of society.
Losers don’t get to fuck, they just pay, in one way or another. And they jerk. Or maybe that sexless dick gets locked up, as it should be. Because I don’t think loser dicks should cum without paying. So if you can pay, then fine, but you broke ass losers don’t deserve an orgasm, and if you do, it should be ruined.
Look at me, tell me how bad you want me. Well you can’t have me, ever loser. But you can hear me call you a loser, and you can jerk to it, because it’s all you’re good at, pleasuring yourself. Because you know that you could never please anyone else. You’re stuck in a cycle that you cannot break. You are a loser and you’ll never get pussy. So if you tribute me, you can cum to my cruel words, my harsh truths, my sobering realties. But if you don’t, then it’s blue balls for you. You understand the rules, you know that you can’t cum without paying. And when you cum, you can cum into your hand and do whatever losers do with their cum.